Breast implant removal results- how will I look after I remove my breast implants


Women get breast implants for so many different reasons. Those reasons can be to enhance what we see as flaws in our body, to please our partner, for work reasons, the list can go on and on. The truth is breast implant surgery is one of the mostly commonly performed procedures in the world.


A good understanding surgeon is paramount in the healing process, both physically and emotionally. Your surgeon will be one of your major sources of support during this time so be sure you have chosen a surgeon who you have a connection with.


How you look after your surgeon removes your breast implants is hard to pinpoint exactly. Every person’s surgery results are different; these differences can be due to varying factors, eg the way the implants were inserted or differences in breast tissue. In my vast experience I can reassure you that your results will improve with time, many ladies see a huge improvement in the look of their breasts in as little as a few weeks.


Firstly your breast tissue may be displaced from the implants being in your body and you may even see a caved in area on your chest. This is caused by the implants continual pressure on the chest wall.  Everyone is different and we all heal at different rates. You need to be kind to yourself and realise that it will take time, and by time I mean the healing process can takes months.


Weeks will pass quickly and the changes will astound you, you will amaze in your bodies residence and ability to recover from the things we put it through. Gallery found here


I explanted in October of 2010, my results were less than pleasing for the first few weeks but as time passed and my body healed from the trauma, my breasts sprang back into shape nicely. I am not going to lie to you here; my breasts looked horrible on the day of my explant surgery. I was horrified, but not once did I give up the hope that I would look ‘normal’ again.


Define normal….there is no ‘normal’.  Each and every woman is unique and beautiful, but so many of us just don’t see our own beauty. There are so many external influences bombarding us with how we are ‘supposed to look’.

Who gave the media the right to dictate to any of us how we should look?

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