Breast Implant Removal Trending

According to the American Society of Plastic Mechanics, breast augmentation took the win for the top cosmetic surgery procedure in 2010, with almost 300,000 women getting implants.

That being said, the recent trend in the area of breast augmentation seems unusual. An NBC Miami report says that Breast Implant Removal is trending.

Yes removing your Breast Implants has made headlines; finally it’s not a taboo subject to talk about. About time is all I can say.

Victoria Beckham, Sharon Osbourne and Glee’s Heather Morris have all had their implants removed recently. The reasons that women choose to remove their Breast Implants are varied, from health reasons to not liking the way they look or feel.

Plastic surgeon Dr. Phillip Craft of the Miami Institute for Age Management said that “Most of our patients are in their 30’s and 40’s and now, as they have matured, prefer a slim silhouette, so they choose to have their Breast Implants Removed”.

When I faced having my Breast Implants removed in late 2010, I didn’t read about any Hollywood stars undergoing Explant surgery but now you can open a magazine or web page and read all about their surgery. I think this is a huge leap forward for a little talked about subject to be spoken about so openly.

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