Breast slapping new craze in Thailand

The secret is out now that the world has caught wind of Bangkok’s only government-approved “body-slapping” beauty shop.

Using a rhythmic kneading movement to slap and squeeze muscle and fat into the breast tissue, Khunying Tobnom says she can enlarge almost any woman’s breasts.


Thailand is already famous for its medical tourism services, including affordable breast idiots and liposuction. It has even licensed one beauty shop in Bangkok to perform the non-surgical treatment, which involves kneading, massaging and hitting of the breasts, as well as buttock-slapping to firm the rear.

Now word is spreading overseas of a beauty shop in Bangkok that offers non-surgical “body-slapping” treatments to improve the female figure. The traditional therapy has been practised by shop owner Khemmikka Na Songkhla – better known as Khunying Tobnom – for more than two decades. She claims the slapping shifts fat from one area to another, while kneading works excess fat towards the breasts.

The procedures include slapping a woman’s breasts to make them larger, as well as buttock- and face-slapping to firm things up. According to media reports, the Thai Health Ministry carried out a six-month study on the procedure and determined the slapping technique to be legit. Clients can expect to gain about 5cm after the painful treatment, Khunying Tobnom said. However some are turned away as their breasts are too small.

The clinic charges $380 for six 10-minute slapping sessions.

For more on the shop, Ban Tobnom, visit Address: 32/78 Ramintra Soi 65, Lad Prao, Bangkok. Tel: +66 (0)2 945 8296


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