Crystal Hefner and Her Breast Implant Removal Journey

Crystal Hefner the 30-year-old former playboy playmate, wife of Hugh Hefner is one of many women globally who had breast implants. However, she recently had hers removed. Crystal had been experiencing unpleasant illnesses for some time and after mentioning her symptoms online she receive comments saying “her symptoms resembled Breast Implant Illness.”

After researching breast implant illness Crystal opted to have her implants removed so that she can get her life back.

Today, in the US breast implant removal surgery is in the top 10 ‘most performed surgeries’. This is evidence enough that breast implants are fast losing popularity among the women as compared to several years back.

In Crystal’s case, she came to her final decision after 8 years of silent suffering. She attested to the fact that her body underwent major changes which impacted negatively on her happiness and normal lifestyle. By the time she consulted Dr. Lu-Jean Feng, one of the very best in her profession, on June 15th, 2016 she had had enough of her breast implants.

For 8 years Crystal noticed that her immune system had suffered severely as a result of the breast implants. This left her vulnerable to other diseases. This is attributed to the fact that poisonous chemicals found their way into her body via the implants. She believes that both silicone and saline breast implants cause more harm to the body than good from her own experience.

Crystal Hefner and Her Breast Implant Removal Journey

The kind of havoc the whole process caused to her body was not worthwhile according to her. Her immune system suffered drastically as a result of toxic chemicals such as cadmium, zinc, talc, formaldehyde, mercury and arsenic among others. Consequently, it exposed her to other ailments such as back pain, fatigue, cognitive dysfunction, recurring infections and bladder pain. She also suffered from food and beverages intolerance, stunted hair growth, adrenal problems, neck and shoulder pain.

Crystal Hefner says that she found herself suffering from memory loss which affected her day to day activities. She consequently began canceling important appointments including photo shoots. Breast implants have a reputation for starting to leak as they age. As a result of rising side effects such as weak immunity and memory loss, it becomes unbearable for women with implants to live a normal life.

The model-turned-DJ decided to have her implants removed after realizing that her life was more complicated by the whole experience. She suffered from serious fatigue issues which impacted negatively on her work and career. She couldn’t get out of bed despite her busy schedule due to complications brought about by her implants.

The bottom line is that Crystal Hefner admits that breast implants are not worth the trouble. She has been active on social media sharing her experience with her fans as a way of educating them on the dangers of breast implants. She strongly believes that she will go back to normal with time. She is much happier and confident since getting rid of the implants according to her online posts.

Guest post contributed by Alena Grey



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