Dr Urve Kuusk

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1530 West 7th Avenue, Vancouver, BC V6J 1S3, Canada
Best explant surgeon in British Columbia, Canada IMHO

I was explanted by Dr Urve Kuusk in October 2013. I had badly ruptured Dow Corning's that were 22 years old. My surgery was very complex.

Dr. Kuusk had been recommended to me by a silicone sister who'd been successfully explanted by her; Dr Kuusk also repaired the damage left by three other plastic surgeons in botched surgeries.

Dr Kuusk's specialty is breast cancer, but she's also got over 30 years of experience with explant surgery and performs 'en bloc' removal. I was told she was probably the only surgeon in all of British Columbia that could have performed my explant.

I left a 5 star rating for her online. She's a real straight shooter; I liked her a lot.

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