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Stem cell treatment
The search for the Fountain of Youth and eternal life has been present in humanity since mythological times. For centuries men tried in vain to reach immortality. It might be that we have finally given our first step towards that direction.In order to prolong life the first step would be to make people healthier longer enabling them to fight off diseases arising from advanced age, such as Alzheimer and cardiovascular diseases. Pragmatically the goal to reach eternity can be better attained simply be fighting old age.In mapping human DNA, scientists came to many propositions of how to fight old age, among them, the ones gaining more importance due to results, are fat ingestion reduction and stem cells treatment. It is on this last resource, allied to cosmiatry, in which that Dr. Magno Lott Caldeira acts and focuses.Over the last ten years, various researches were developed seeking the use of stem cells on the correction of flaws and deformities, and regression of pathological process, promoting wellness and even healing.Aiming at the reversal of this series of physiological processes, currently stem cells can be used to heal deformities of cardiac muscles and correct many conditions regarding the skin aging process. Among these is the regression or reversal of facial alterations related to degenerative or traumatic processes. Treatment with stem cells works like a replacement set. Old tissue, which has been spoiled trough time, is regenerated by new cells.Lab tests around the world are proving that stem cell treatment is more efficient and promising. Experiments in humans have already repaired vital organs such as the heart which, on top of regeneration, gained benefits such as an increase in blood flow and reduction of dead tissue areas in patients with chronic heart failure.The use of stem cells is based on their withdrawal, mainly from the adipose tissue, where there are plenty of mesenchymal cells. To treat body aesthetics, many evaluations were performed over the last years in order to estimate the performance of mesenchymal cells on the reversal of skin aging process with very promising results. These stem cells can be introduced on the patient’s subcutaneous tissue aiming to improve general conditions of the skin. When filtered, these mesenchymal cells promote an aging reversal. There are two major positive aspects on the utilization of these cells: the first is the fact that they are from the patient’s own body and the second, in that they promote the reversal of the skin aging process with extremely natural results; dissociated of any artificial cosmetic procedure.


The main tissue used for this process is the abdominal adipose tissue, due to its richness in stem cells. Such tissue serves as filling for other areas, especially the ones devoid of such a large quantity of stem cells.

This fat can either be used for skin filling or in cryopreservation, a technique which preserves stem cells present in the fat. In cryopreservation, there is a proliferation of these stem cells so they can be used on the target-organs needing treatment. I.e., after the fat preparation, it is possible to reutilize the stem cell on the cardiac muscle, for instance, or on skin regions which need restructuring, either because of severe skin aging or traumatic destructuring processes regarding skin structure.

Stem cells procedure is relatively new and was preceded by a set of researches and systematic evaluation works, which today add up to ten years of the activity’s revaluation.

Stem cell cultures

Aiming for the reutilization of stem cells, fat is removed, either in the clinic or in the hospital, under local anesthesia. This fat is consequently sent to the Excellion lab, the only one in Latin America with the capacity to extract and cultivate stem cells.

The cells are put in special syringes. Each one contains the approximate number of one million stem cells. In general, fat extraction from the patient produces about ten to thirty syringes, which can then be reutilized by plastic surgeons for skin alterations and disease treatment. After cultivated and their use defined, these stem cells are re-introduced in the patient, as if he was been submitted to a filling treatment of an affected organ.

Depending on the gravity of the treated region, the patient is discharged on the same day. In treatments designed for the improvement of the facial tonus, the patient may go back to normal activities on the same day, with no need for absence in work or any other appointment.

The difference between stem cells and fat graft

The use of fat removed from the patient’s body didn’t begin with the stem cells technique. The first body treatment to utilize fat from liposuction was fat graft. Although in both treatments the substance is applied trough a syringe, on fat graft, a treated fat is used, whereas in stem cell treatment, stem cells are the very content of the syringes.

The purpose is to inject this liquid in regions that need to be increased, restructured or where skin aging has generated furrows and wrinkles. When treating the patient’s body with stem cells, the capacity for skin regenerations raises considerably. In addition to this, stem cells, when injected on the patient, promote the fast formation of collagen in a more effective way than it occurs with treated fat, improving results both, in short and long terms.

Dr. Alberto Magno Lott Caldeira’s acting

In partnership with Excellion laboratory, Dr. Caldeira treats the fat removed from the patient and performs the process of stem cells treatment. In Dr. Caldeira’s office, the main use of stem cells is in their application in the fighting of the skin aging process. He applies the stem cells syringe, in replacement of chemical liquids, and as such treats, in the most natural way, skin elasticity loss and deformities.

Acording to Dr. Caldeira, this revolutionary treatment came to put an end to the “human plasticization” myth, generated by the excess of surgeries and treatments, for “true beauty lies on the respect to a person’s harmony”.



Medical Training


Training in Brazil

Dr. Alberto Magno Lott Caldeira compares medical training the one of a king: “It starts at home, with a solid family ground, focused on the humanitarian, allied to a broad cultural education. The breadth of information and deeply ethic family background is what underpins the individual. Like the king’s, the medical training is independent of economical and financial factors. It’s the basis of character and profession”.

Son of a teacher who always cared for her children’s education and with the way culture and information got to them, since childhood, Dr. Caldeira received all the amplitude which a good education could provide.

His first graduation degree was accredited by the Federal University of Minas Gerais (UFMG – Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais), where Dr. Caldeira graduated in Medicine. The surgeon had an extensive education in general surgery and spent about six years working and learning from great doctors.· This attribute brings him even more tranquility on the execution of plastic surgery, at the same time it makes him proud, once the gathered knowledge enables him even more for the plastic surgeon task.

It was during his learning period when Dr. Caldeira acknowledged his personality was much more surgical than clinical, and because of that, he opted for this area. As Dr. Caldeira himself states, “my way of acting is much more acute, immediate. I aim to see the results of my actions in a rapid way”.

During his education period, Dr. Caldeira lived for about three and a half years in the housing of Dr. Ivo Pitanguy’s clinic, in Rio de Janeiro, of who he was a student and disciple. In this phase of his life, he could shape his studies and learn everything he knows about plastic surgery. His residence and, later on, his master degree with Dr. Ivo Pitanguy, in partnership with the Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro (PUC-RJ), allowed him to publish 38 articles, national and internationally.

Training in Europe and “Permesso di lavoro autonomo”

Already acting as a plastic surgeon on the second half of the 80’s, Dr. Alberto Magno Lott Caldeira started to publish new articles and received invitations to work in Europe, among them the one to conduct the works of a plastic surgery team, in Milan, Italy.

Choosing to work in Italy, Dr. Caldeira settled on the country since the beginning of the 90’s until the end of 2002. During his time in Europe, he revalidated his diploma in medicine on the University Federico II, in Naples, concluding the course with Laurea Theses, an extensive study on rhinoseptoplasty as a functional and aesthetic surgery of the nose, in only one surgical time. This one surgical time allows two procedures to be accomplished simultaneously, without the patient going through the surgical process more than once.

This second polyclinic granted him a permesso di lavoro autonomo (permission of self-employment). This way, Dr. Alberto Magno Lott Caldeira became one of the very few surgical doctors who can work both in Brazil and abroad, able to start offices anywhere in Europe.

Cosmiatry and the technique for flaps interposition

Back to Brazil, the plastic surgeon began to study the processes of skin aging and established contact, for the first time, with substances which revert that process. Dr. Caldeira foresaw the revolutionary path these studies lead to, and was one of the first plastic surgeons to incorporate cosmiatry advances – i.e., skin cosmetic treatments – to plastic surgery.

After twenty three years working with cosmiatry and plastic surgery, Dr. Alberto Magno Lott Caldeira participated of the plastic surgery revolution period, with the development of body shape surgeries, like liposuction and liposculpture, being one of the first doctors to reutilize the liposuction fat to reshape the body silhouette.

His studies granted him the elaboration of a mastopexy technique (breast cosmetic surgery), acknowledged in the entire world, called Triple Flap Interposition (Tríplice Interposição de Retalhos). This technique treats the breast in its interior, on the muscular layer, diminishing skin responsibility and the premature deterioration. This procedure was praised by the entire scientific community, got to world-wide dimensions and, today, is the most advised technique for mastopexy in the entire world. Most recently, his studies on skin took him to work with stem cells, a cosmetic, scientific and humanistic revolution for society.

Treatments with stem cells

When studying the skin aging, Dr. Caldeira elaborated a series of studies on stem cells. Stem cells are the ones with the capacity of transforming into other types of cells, including brain, heart, bone, muscle and skin cells. For the last two items, the studies with stem cells are connected to plastic surgery. Dr. Caldeira reutilizes adult stem cells, withdrawn from fat and tissues from repairing plastic surgeries, liposuctions, liftings, and plastic surgeries in general.

On the beginning, when his studies on skin rejuvenation started, Dr. Caldeira dedicated himself to filling techniques for the body, reutilizing liposuction fat from the patient. Dr. Caldeira noticed the improvement of the patients’ skin trough the years, and became aware that fat (liposuction fat included), when treated in laboratory, possesses a great amount of stem cells. Consequently, he began to conduct fillings with stem cells, a more effective and natural way to handle the patients body.


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