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Is plastic surgery superfluous?


It’s very common having people complain about a small detail in their body that causes discomfort. It may be just a tiny issue, caused by genetics, natural aging, weight alteration, pregnancy, or other factors that can end up affecting a patient’s psychological or social well being.

It may happen to you and not always be well accepted or understood by the people surrounding you. Friends and family tend to think everything is perfect the way it is. You, and only you, know how much that tiny detail may be disturbing. What you may not know is that the UN, the United Nations, through the World Health Organization, agrees with this premise.

This is how they define perfect health: “Perfect health is defined by humans physical and psychological well being”

And that’s exactly where Plastic Surgery may help, integrating mind and body, giving your self esteem a well desired boost. Searching for solutions to fix an aesthetic physical discomfort is an absolutely normal well being pursuit as well as an accomplishment for the best possible integration with your social environment.

What are your expectations?


Realistic expectations are essential. The surgery can improve the appearance or correct a physical problem, but it will not solve personal problems. Facial surgery, for instance, will not give you a complete new face, but a very rejuvenated one.

Any person looking for a radical transformation, becoming totally different, has expectations which go beyond what plastic surgery can provide.


What are the complications that may arise and risks?

Like in any other medical area, every surgery has risks. Although Aesthetic Plastic Surgery is considered low risk for two main reasons:

It’s a surgery of choice, that is, with no urgency. It allows patients to be meticulously evaluated and selected prior to the procedure. Any responsible surgeon may refuse to operate high risk patients that are not be in their best health conditions.

Safety is always a primary element taken into consideration and in many cases the surgeon will refuse to have several procedures done at the same time despite the patient’s requests. Many patients think that several procedures at the same time are simple and practical, but the surgeon will not perform a surgery that puts the patient in risk.


What results to expect?

No doctor has the power to foresee results. Medicine is not an exact science and is subject to many variable factors.

A plastic surgeon cannot guarantee that the scar will be perfect or that your body will have a predictable reaction. It is possible though for a well trained, honest, ethic and experienced surgeon to give you a reasonable margin of result for each case, although occasional unpredictable factors that may affect the results positively or negatively may arise.

Always keep this in mind as you make your decision. Your expectations must be real and not illusionary.

Be wary of those who promise fast or perfect results as well as the promise he’s the only physician able to provide you with that result. Get other opinions, and suggestions. It’s the best way to guarantee you’ll have scientifically proved information.


Exams and pre-surgical evaluations

In most of the cases, basic lab exams and your own report are satisfactory tools for your evaluation before the surgery. But different procedures request particular examinations. If you are being treated by a physician, in many situations, Dr.Mattos will request an authorization from him to perform your surgery. In other cases, Dr. Mattos himself will refer you to your primary care physician or a specialist to analyze any possible risk associated with your procedure. Even if this represents a time delay for the surgery, rest assured that it’s a decision regarding your own safety.

If you are examined and do not present a satisfactory physical or mental conditions for a surgical procedure at the moment, you may re-schedule it for the future, once the safety issues and risks have been completely addressed by the doctor.



About Dr. Andre Mattos

Dr Mattos graduated in the School of Medicine of the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (U.F.R.J.) in 1987. He finished his specialization in General Surgery at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (U.F.R.J.) School of Medicine as well, in 1988 and 1989.

He spent the following 3 years, 1990 to 1992, completing his specialization in Plastic Surgery with Professor Ivo Pitanguy.

By the end of 1993, he was named Specialist in Plastic Surgery, being approved at the Brazilian Plastic Surgery Society exams. Dr. Mattos opened his private clinic and since then he has performed thousands of surgeries. In 1998, he became certified member of the Brazilian Society of Plastic Surgery with the highest honors.

Since his graduate days Dr. Mattos has produced many scientific papers, all published in medical magazines and presented in different Conferences. Many of them were co-written with Professor Ivo Pitanguy, focusing on face-lifting, breast augmentation, liposuction, nose surgery, and other procedures.

Dr. Mattos belongs to a series of Brazilian and International Medical Societies, such as Brazilian Society of Plastic Surgery, Federacion Iberoamericana de Cirurgia Plastica, and International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, among others.



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