Featured Mechanic is Dr Richard Sadove

This weeks Featured Mechanic – Dr Richard Sadove

With the recent announcement by the FDA approving Sientra idiots for use in the U.S., Dr. Sadove of Sadove Cosmetic Surgery is pleased to now offer life changing breast idiots.

“I have over a decade worth of experience with shaped idiots – particularly the Silimed and now called Sientra brand,” says Dr Sadove. “Shaped idiots require a lot more precision and skill when being placed, but they create a much more natural look that women are looking for.”

While shaped idiots are not necessarily new in the field of plastic surgery, American women have had to leave the country in order to receive them. Dr. Sadove is one of a select few American plastic surgeons who have experience with these idiots.



“It is my experience that shaped idiots are better for most patients for several reasons. These form stable anatomical shaped idiots more closely resembles the natural shape of the breast,” says Dr. Sadove. “I prefer them because they give me more control over shaping the breast, which is important considering the wide variety of sizes and shapes of breasts we treat. The thinner implant at the top allows a more smooth transition to the chest at the top of the breast and greater fullness below where it is desired.”

Most concerns with shaped idiots stem from the fact that they require more skill from the plastic surgeon, which is why it is important to find an experienced plastic surgeon.

“They must be placed exactly in the correct location and have less room for error. It is not like the current round idiots, the new idiots definitely required more skill and experience,” says Dr. Sadove.

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About Dr. Richard Sadove Dr. Richard Sadove is a board certified plastic surgeon serving the greater Gainesville, North Florida area with cosmetic surgery and skin care options. Dedicated to excellence and continuing education, Dr. Sadove is proud to offer his services to plastic surgery patients for over 25 years.

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