Featured Mechanic July 2014 – Dr Linda Huang MD

Our Featured Mechanic this month is the amazing Dr Linda Huang MD

Join us as we get up close and personal with Linda.


Our Featured Mechanic this month, the amazing Dr Linda Huang MD.

Linda Huang, originally from Ohio, is a ‘Summa Cum Laude graduate of Yale College’. National Merit Scholar, Phi Beta Kappa. She went to Stanford Medical School, where the plastic surgery department was larger than the general surgery program.

The wide variety of challenging problems, and the smiles on the faces of patients who were happy to achieve the un-achievable, convinced her that the future was in plastics.

After medical school Doctor Huang returned to the east coast, married her college sweetheart, and did her first residency at Georgetown University. He, anxious not to be known as “the bum,” went to law school, clerked, joined a law firm and became a partner, all the while Doctor Huang was still doing her residencies. General surgery at Georgetown was a five-year program.

She was board certified in general surgery. After that, she headed to Duke University for her Plastic Surgery Fellowship, where she had the opportunity to work with a diverse and talented group of plastic surgeons, including Doctor Nicholas Georgiade, who literally wrote “The Book” on plastic surgery. She also completed a Microsurgery and Hand Fellowship in Louisville. Finally, much to her father’s relief, she started a practice in Denver, where her husband’s law firm had a small office.

Linda and her beloved dog JJ

Linda and her beloved dog JJ


Linda Huang is passionate about her work, most days she is starts work by 7am and doesn’t finish until 7pm, Dedicated and compassionate she tries to answer all her emails personally. Linda enjoys going to church regularly and fosters genuine caring relationships with all her patients. Linda went to Yale as an undergraduate, Stanford for medical school and then Georgetown and Duke for residencies, and has been in private practice in Denver since 1988.

I asked Linda to recount an interesting story about a patient interaction she had. She gave this response – “Over the years, I remember a group of three women, who found each other because of the breast implant problems they each shared.   They all had their implants removed, and remained firm friends for many years afterwards. Linda said “It was always so nice to receive a Christmas card from them each year celebrating”.

Linda’s surgery has seven staff, Teresa and Heather answer the phone, and can answer basic questions, and Catherine, Deb and Emily are all physician’s assistants/nurses who can answer a lot of the more medical based questions that patients may have.  Lorraine schedules the surgeries, and is a whiz at helping the patients who are from out of town.

I asked Linda what resources she regards as essential to women considering explant surgery. Linda Huang: “Explantinfo.com of course, and also Toxic Discovery.  Dr Huang said that she “still remembered Lynda Roth, who passed away,( the founder the Coalition of Silicone Survivors).  Lynda Roth was just so special to me”.

Over the years Linda has done well over 1,000 explants and counting….probably about fifty per year she said at a guess. Linda said “the most common complications I would encounter with explant surgery would happen post operatively.  Dents, indentions can occur, especially if the implants are super hard.  Imagine a bowling ball sitting on a sofa for twenty years; it would just leave an imprint there.   Well implants can do that to a breast, and leave an indention when they are removed.   This is MUCH more likely if the implants are hard or ruptured”.

Linda said “If there was one protocol that worked for detox for all patients everyone would use it, for everyone.   I feel there are a lot of different things out there, because everyone’s body and their reactions are slightly different just like each implant is different.  Different lot numbers, etc.   So I feel women just have to try a few different options sometimes to see what works best for them”.

Dr Huang in the media –

New York Times – January 17, 2008  by Natasha Singer

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