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How you may look after your surgeon removes your breast implants is hard to pinpoint exactly. Every person’s surgery results are different due to various factors from the way the implants were inserted to differences in breast tissue.

Firstly your breast tissue may be displaced from the implants being in your body and you may even see a caved in area on your chest. This is caused by the implants continual pressure on the chest wall.  Everyone is different and we all heal at different rates. Remember that your tummy shrunk back after having babies and so will your breasts. You need to be kind to yourself and realise that it will take time, and by time I mean this healing process can takes months. At the time of writing this it has been over four years since my explant surgery and I love the way I look and feel. Remember that your tummy shrunk back after having babies and so will your breasts.

The first few days after explanting can be really hard on you emotionally and physically. I remember coming home from hospital in a daze.

You will be sore after your surgery and may be experiencing the after effects of the anaesthetic, some women cope better than others with anaesthetics. If you are one of the unlucky ones, then you best be prepared for a bloated belly and loads of wind. I honestly felt like the ‘Michelin Man’ for days with a belly full of gas and a thumping head. My incisions were tender but not too bad, some women experience much more pain in the first week than I did.

I used sanitary napkins as padding to protect against the pressure of the bra where my incisions were under my breasts. As my implants were large my incisions are a bit over 9 cm long. The first four days after my surgery were spent resting then I was straight back to work.

The first time you look in the mirror can be heartbreaking for some women; it is something that no one can prepare you for as no one can tell for sure what you will look like. Trust me that what you think looks terrible; another woman would be ecstatic to look like. I insisted in seeing myself straight after surgery before the bandages were put on.

Your skin may be stretched and look wrinkly. Mine was after my explant surgery but take heart as most ladies see this changing and improving in a matter of days while others report it can take weeks to months. My breasts looked like a balloon that had been inflated for a week then had the let out!!

You may also experience skin flaking/peeling after explanting and this is all a very normal part of the healing process, mine was falling off like I had boob dandruff of monumental proportions so I did some dry skin brushing. You may also experience minor complications ranging from rashes, swelling and soreness to the more seriousness of a hematoma. It is best to be hyper vigilant and seek medical advice if you are in doubt about anything.

Your breasts will change almost daily; I found it helpful to take pictures daily for the first week, then weekly for the first month, and then monthly for the first year. Yes another sign of my obsessive nature but really helpful in my emotional healing process. I was able to see subtle changes happening in my breasts well into the beginning of the second year.

When you had breast implants your nipples may have looked larger than they did prior. Post Explant Most ladies find that their nipples shrink back very quickly.

You will find that in most cases as the breast tissue firms up your nipples will once again start to stick out. You may have experienced numbness or loss of sensation with your breast implants, after explant many ladies report that they experience the return of full sensation to their nipples and the numbness below the nipples to the breast crease disappears.

After Exlantation your breasts may seem deflated, especially in the upper portions. Over a period of several months the skin will also retract, or tighten up. To what extent both of these will happen are dependent on how large your implants are, how long you have had them, and the quality of your skin and tissues. Massage also plays a large part of this healing process.

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