Infographic: The Cost of Cancer

Breast cancer is an incredibly expensive condition according to a recent infographic from Path XL. Of all the female cancer cases recorded in Europe, breast cancer accounted for 29.7% – an astounding number that proves the importance of regular screening. There is a north-south divide exposed in the number. It is striking that of all the countries in Europe, Belgium, Denmark, France, Ireland, and Norway had the highest incidence rate while Cyprus, Greece, Malta, and Turkey had the lowest incidence and mortality rates. Furthermore, while the mortality rate per 100,000 people was 23 in Europe, in the UK it was more than 10 times higher at 245 based on 425,000 cases.

There is a real financial cost too. Working days lost to cancer cost €9.4 billion and reduced productivity cost an estimated €42.6 billion of the total €126 billion lost to cancer in Europe.

You can see more in the graphic below: click to enlarge

35269 Pathxl-cost of cancer v2


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