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Lynne coaches’ women across the globe in all areas of self empowerment, self esteem, pre and post cosmetic surgery and small business development. Lynne is an advocate of ‘Self Love’.

Founder of Explant InfoProject Better Me and active member of the ‘Consumers Health Forum of Australia’ (CHF) Lynne Hayes has created a world-wide support network for women undergoing breast implant surgery and other forms of plastic and cosmetic surgery becoming the industry expert. So you can rest assured you are in the best possible hands with Lynne.

Lynne specializes in facilitating change through empowerment!

Actively supporting women and generously giving her time to discussion groups and forums, Lynne has become a pillar of support to women all around the world. With an extensive network of qualified plastic and cosmetic surgeons, Lynne has been a first-point-of-contact to hundreds of women considering surgery. After experiencing plastic surgery first-hand, she has become an advocate and adviser to women of all ages. Lynne’s experience and advice can help you make an informed decision on which surgeon is most appropriate to your wants and needs.


Life Coach, Counselling CHC, Cert 3 Community Services, Cert 4 Business, Dip Business, CHFAM


I am me. I love myself, I accept myself, and those who judge my exterior will find it harder to know my interior.



If your looking to find a surgeon in Australia please use the contact page and Lynne will get back to you within 48 hours.
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