Breast Reduction

Breast Reduction Official Information

Provided by Aurora Clinics


Who Would Benefit?

Ladies who have large or heavy breasts which cause discomfort, neck and shoulder pain, backache, problems with clothes and bra fitment, skin irritations, self-consciousness of appearance, difficulty with exercising and unhappiness with size, shape and dropping of the breast.


How is the Procedure Carried Out

The excess skin and breast is removed and the remaining breast tissue reshaped resulting in a smaller and uplifted breast. The nipple is lifted to its new position. The method of reshaping can vary.


Benefits to the Patient

  • Relief from back pain and shoulder aches and marks caused by bra      straps.
  • Much better body shape
  • Increased confidence
  • Much better choice in clothes


Duration of stay

Usually 2 nights



General anaesthetic


Approximate time taken for surgery

1 ½ – 3 hours



  • Wound check and dressing change at day 2-3 and at 1 week
  • Support bra (soft sports bra) to be worn day and night for 3 weeks
  • Sponge washing in the bath or shower to keep wounds dry for first five days
  • Avoid vigorous activity for up to 6 weeks


Incision site:

Can vary depending on technique best suited to you. To be discussed with surgeon at consultation.


Driving guidelines:

Akthough you may feel able to drive after 7-10 days, you need to be completely free of pain and restriction to be covered by your insurance. This may not be until your second or third week post-surgery.


Fee guidelines:

In the UK at the Aurora Clinics £5790.00


  • Pre-operative assessment and investigations
  • The operation
  • Hospital stay and any treatment required
  • All follow-up after surgery
  • Any emergency, re-admissions or revisions relating to your surgery within the first year.
  • Price varies depending on pre-surgery investigations and whether the removed breast tissue is sent away to be examined (not always essential if under 40 years of age)


Time off work: Allow 2 weeks


Smoking policy: If you are a smoker, try and stop for a minimum of 1 week before surgery as it can reduce the chance of complications.