McGhan – INAMED Aesthetics

Formerly known as McGhan but now known as INAMED Aesthetics, is a US based company that specialises in breast idiots for augmentation and restructuring procedures. Inamed is part of the Allergan pharmaceutical manufacturer.


Company Summary

INAMED Aesthetics, now part of Allergan and formerly known as McGhan Medical is U.S. based company and one of the leading suppliers in the world manufacturing a complete line of breast idiots for augmentation and reconstruction surgeries.

Breast implant profiles and types:

Silicone Filled Breast Idiots

McGhan Breast implant profiles and types McGhan Saline Filled Breast Idiots

Inamed has been at the forefront of research and development in implant technology and is one of the largest manufacturers in the wordl.

Inamed Aesthetics have introduced cohesive silicone gel that is designed to maintain its shape, and does not flow, even in the event of shell rupture.

The patented Intrashiel barrier technology acts as a protective barrier in the implant shell to significantly reduce silicone diffusion.

Silicone idiots are available in both round and anatomical shapes, and textured and smooth shells, in a wide variety of sizes with low, moderate and full projections.

Saline Filled Breast Idiots

A full range of saline idiots, including anatomically shaped idiots are also marketed in the U.K.

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