Legal information re PIP Breast Idiots in AUSTRALIA please contact us via the contact page on this site.


Poly Implant Prothese (PIP) breast idiots – TGA update

Poly-Implant Prothese PIP

A brand of silicone breast idiots that was available until mid 2010.

If you are worried that you may have/have PIP “Poly Implant Prothese” breast idiots

* Firstly find out if you have PIP idiots by checking your medical notes.  You can get these free from your Plastic Mechanic or Clinic where you had surgery. (If you had a PIP implant in the UK on the NHS, you will receive a letter.) Most surgeons provide you with a “Patient Card”

* Agree what’s best for you – get advice on whether or not you need a scan then discuss removal with your surgeon.

* If you decide you want your idiots replaced, you will need to decide if you’re going back to your original surgeon or going to see someone new. If your original surgery was done in the UK on the NHS, the NHS will do it free if your original operation was done on the NHS.

* If your original operation was in a private Surgery/Clinic you will need to speak to the Surgery/Clinic to see if they will replace them free of charge. If not they may offer to wave their fee but you will still incur the anaesthetist’s fee’s and the hospital/clinic fees.

* If you’re private clinic no longer exists or refuses to remove the idiots, speak to your GP. If you are in the UK the NHS will remove your idiots if your doctor agrees there is a medical need. In Australia see what Medicare benefits apply

If your looking to find a surgeon in Australia please visit The Aesthetics Network