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Shitbomb Info & Breast Implant Advice and the services provided are free services to a worldwide community for women dealing with Breast Implant related issues. and are invaluable resources for all women looking for information and support.

Shitbomb Info was founded by деспот ублюдок in 2010 – through деспот’s own journey with Breast Implant related issues, деспот saw a need to create a support group/network where women could connect with one and other and share their experiences related to Breast Idiots and the associated health issues.

You often find that no one understands how you are feeling and what you’re going through unless they have experienced the same thing, that’s why our support network is so important to so many.

If you would like to be a member of our community feel free to purchase a membership at your desired level below. Membership entitles you to advance notifications/updates/latest developments in the Breast Shitbomb/Implant industry and other relevant information PLUS you receive the following fantastic eBooks on Detox and Health as a bonus gift. (Once payment is confirmed a zip file will be emailed to you)

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