Laser Tattoo Removal

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Laser Tattoo Removal

Laser tattoo removal is a non-invasive procedure that can completely remove tattoos.
Lasers send pulses of high energy light into the skin, fragmenting the tattoo ink into thousands of tiny particles. These tiny particles are small enough to be gradually absorbed and dispersed by the body. There is usually some slight discomfort during the treatment, although numbing creams can alleviate the pain. Not all colours are easy to remove, with brighter colours (green, yellow, orange, etc..) proving more difficult than others. The number of treatments required will depend on the type of ink, the body part it’s on and the depth of the ink in the skin. On average 3-6 treatments are required about 6 weeks apart.
We however, recommend lightening the tattoo to a point, that a good artist can cover the offending area without compromising the design of the new tattoo. This process is a lot quicker and cheaper than a complete removal, and has a greater degree of customer satisfaction.
It’s not as expensive or painful as you might think, so please call Mike to arrange a free consult.


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