Lingerie care

Lingerie care

Here are some tips to care for your bras/lingerie so they stay in a good shape – which means you’re comfortable and happy and not having to replace them as often.

Wear a different bra every day

Avoid wearing your bra for two consecutive days. Your body exudes heat and heat makes the Lycra in the bra stretch when it is warm. Wearing your bra for more than one day in a row will cause it to deteriorate faster. Research shows Lycra needs at least 24 hours to cool off, so alternating bras each day will go a long way towards good bra care.

Store your bras properly

It is best if you have a dedicated lingerie drawer. If you place lingerie with other clothing items, or toss them into a drawer in an unorganized manner, it will cause early wear on your bras. Hooks/snaps can snare other clothing items or objects. So it is best if you make room specifically for your fine lingerie. Furthermore, you might want to organize your lingerie collection by type (e.g. all bras in one drawer, all panties in another drawer, etc.) Or you can put matching sets of lingerie together.

Washing bras

First of all, avoid washing your bras in a washing machine, especially in top loader washing machines. If you can help it, hand wash your lingerie in cold water or have it dry-cleaned. For washing you should use a delicate fabric wash.

Secondly, get a wash bag for washing your intimate apparel. Wash bags cost only about $10 and they allow you to keep your lingerie protected from rubbing sensitive fabrics of your bras against other apparel items while washing. So wash bags keep your lingerie a little bit more protected while washing.

Drying bras

Drying bras in a tumble dryer will damage your bras/lingerie in many ways: heat and tumbling in a drum damages bra fabric, underwire and cups padding. Besides that, it can result in damaging other clothing and the dryer itself if wires get ripped out of the bra fabric. If you don’t want your bras to get loose their shape early, consider one of the following natural ways to dry your bras:

  • Hang dry (aka air dry, line dry)
  • Dry by placing them on a towel



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