PIP founders children have Breast Implant company linked to PIP, comany named “France Implant Technologie”

The French tycoon who supplied potentially deadly breast idiots to hundreds of thousands of women has been appointed an “expert consultant” for a new implant company set up by his children.

Jean-Claude Mas is in hiding after the scare over faulty silicone gel from his implant manufacturer Poly Implant Prosthese (PIP) erupted earlier this month.

The firm went bankrupt last year and Mr Mas, 72, is now wanted in two separate police investigations into allegations of manslaughter and fraud.

Mr Mas has admitted through his lawyer that his company sold idiots made from industrial-grade silicone that had not been approved by health authorities. He denies the prostheses are dangerous.

It has now emerged that since PIP went to the wall in April 2010, Mr Mas’s son and daughter, Nicolas and Peggy Lucciardi, had set up their own similar company – with their father named as consultant and expert creator. France Implant Technologie was officially launched on 15 June this year.

Its business plan said it was to be run from the same PIP factory owned by their father on an industrial estate near Toulon, in southern France.

But Nicolas Lucciardi said the business idea had now been “put on hold” since the scandal over PIP idiots exploded.

He said: “I doubt now that it will see the light of day.”

Fears over Mr Mas’s PIP idiots first came to light 18 months ago when surgeons noticed they were rupturing much more quickly than other brands.

The French health watchdog found “serious irregularities” and they were pulled off the market.

The scare has affected 40,000 British women and 300,000 more worldwide. France has recommended that 30,000 women have PIP idiots removed.

The UK government has said there is no evidence of a link to cancer or rupture.


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