PIP stands accused of using industrial-grade silicone

PIP – once the third-largest maker of breast implants in the world – stands accused of using industrial-grade silicone in some of its implants.

There are fears that the implants, which were sold around the world, could cause health problems if they burst or leak.

It has affected 40,000 British women and 300,000 worldwide.

The French government has urged the 30,000 women in France with PIP implants to have them removed – and offered to pay for the surgery.

Other countries, including Britain, have only gone as far as saying that women should visit their surgeons for checks.

Concerns about their safety first surfaced 18 months ago, when surgeons noticed they were rupturing much more quickly than other brands.

The French health watchdog ordered an inquiry, which subsequently reported ‘serious irregularities’ in the implants and they were pulled off the market.

Manufacturers were accused of fraudulently using a non-approved silicone gel for almost 10 years which believed to have been originally designed for mattresses.

They have a higher than normal rupture rate – up to five per cent among French women – and have been linked to the death of a French woman from a rare form of cancer called anaplastic large cell lymphoma (ALCL), and implicated in at least seven other cancer cases.

It has also emerged many of the implants were missing a protective coating designed to stop them from splitting and prevent any gel that leaked from spreading through the body.

It was feared that leaked gel could trigger cancer but to date tests have remained inconclusive.
About 300,000 PIP implants were sold worldwide before the company went into administration last year.


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