The Age-Related Breast Surgery Trends That’ll Keep You Guessing…

The Age-Related Breast Surgery Trends That’ll Keep You Guessing…


“Nobody’s boobs are that perfect! They can’t be real…surely?”


How often have you played that game while people-watching with your mates? But could you guess which breast surgery procedure created the hourglass object of envy?


Here’s a clue: There are distinct age-related trends in cosmetic surgery.


Teens: This age group is unlikely to have had breast surgery because breasts continue to develop into your early twenties. Aurora Clinics gets a lot of enquiries from teens, but any reputable surgeon will suggest you wait and see what nature intends before making a decision.


20s to 30s: The breast enlargement group.  The shape of your breasts often affects your body image, which in turn can affect relationships or career progress. At this age your breasts have finished developing, you’re in peak health and you’re mature enough to make the right decision for yourself. So why not? Just make sure you do thorough research and choose a reputable surgeon.


30s:  Breast reduction is occasionally performed on younger women, usually for medical reasons, but generally women are slightly older. That’s partly because it costs more (from £5,790 at Aurora Clinics) because the procedure is slightly more complex. However, many women this age want breast reduction simply because the novelty of being a ‘busty babe’ has worn off and they’re fed up with their heavy breasts and not being able to wear trendy clothes!


Mid 30s to 40s: The ‘post-baby’ group who go for uplifts, often combined with augmentation. Nowadays women frequently postpone having children so have breast uplifts later: good surgeons advise waiting to have this procedure until you have finished your family, to avoid reversing the effects. Another reason for breast uplifts at this age is to reverse years of weight fluctuation from dieting or to help deal with the natural effects of gravity, which come to us all eventually … sigh.


You can keep guessing but it stays a secret

If performed by a reputable surgeon, you will never know for sure whether or not someone has had breast surgery: however much you guess!


By selecting a reputable cosmetic surgeon you know you are going to a master craftsman and that your secret is safe. The best surgeons aim for a bust that is perfectly suited to their patients’ physique.


In a reduction, this involves removing just enough breast tissue to balance out proportions without leaving you looking pear-shaped.

In an enlargement, implant shape, height, width and placement in relation to the muscle is dependent on each unique physique.

In an uplift, the position chosen will ensure that the breasts don’t look unnaturally high.


The real question provoked by the game of spotting a too-perfect bosom is whether you feel a pang of jealousy and are tempted to make similar changes yourself. According to UK statistics, you wouldn’t be alone in admitting a niggling dissatisfaction with the breasts you’ve been “blessed” with.


In 2010, breast augmentation was the most popular cosmetic surgery in the world, with an increase of 10% in the UK, while breast reduction increased in demand by 2%. That means there are 13,636 UK women wandering around who have lent nature a helping hand in the bust department…and that’s before including all the uplifts or uplift/ enlargements. So next time you’re playing the “real / not real” game, the fact is they’re probably not…but you’ll never know!


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