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There isn’t a lot of information out there on Breast Implant Removal/Explant, we are all about informing you of your options. we urge you to trust your instincts and know your body, do your research and ensure you’re in the right hands before you undertake explant surgery.

Explant FAQ

We have tried to answer a few of the questions you may have in regards to breast implant removal. If your question isn’t listed please leave a comment and we will answer ASAP. Read more 

Explant Preparation

Getting ready for your explant surgery can be an exciting but stressful time. Planning ahead before the procedure can help you experience a smoother surgery and lead to an easier recovery period. Read More

Questions to Ask

It is important to point out at the early stages of your search for a explant surgeon, that many kinds of doctors perform explant surgery, even though they may have no specific training in plastic surgery, certain laws allow them to advertise a certification in another field of surgery without actually specifying which the field. Download 

Expant Recovery

After your surgery is complete, you will begin the recovery process. It’s important that you take good care of yourself during this time to ensure that your body has time to heal and look its best. Read on to learn what to expect in the days and weeks following your surgery. Read more

Life After Breast Implants

Explant-ology a downloadable e-book that reveals to you the step-by-step strategies used by women globally when going through Explant Surgery, with contributing authors Dr Susan Kolb author of “The Naked Truth About Breast Implants”, Dr Lu-Jean Feng internationally recognized breast reconstruction surgeon. Order here

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Mulu Organics

Mulu Organics is a vegan, nut free range of breast care range, because women globally are struggling with the ill-effects of the many kinds of chemicals in the skin care they use daily. Mulu Organics  has been formulated with natural ingredients, all products are nut free so you can be sure they are safe for everyone to use. Read more

Explant News

Check out our blog for the latest news, reviews, interviews and helpful information all relating to breast implant removal. Articles on cleanse prior to explant, post explant detox, supplements and post surgery bras! Read more

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